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Announcing a new Gap Selling Program for individual contributors!

B2B sellers, your struggles have been heard:
  • Commission checks are shrinking

  • Quotas are getting steeper and steeper

  • You dread the weekly pipeline meetings

  • Deals keep getting pushed out

  • Buyers are ghosting more than ever before

Meanwhile, you’re not getting the support you need:
  • You’re unsure of how to find your buyer’s problems in discovery

  • You’re not even sure what their “real problem” is

  • No one is coaching your calls, so you don’t know what to do differently

  • As the going gets tough, your confidence wobbles

  • It’s starting to feel like a vicious cycle

And because of this:
  • Your win rates aren’t what you want them to be

  • It’s taking too long to close deals

  • You’re discounting to win deals or taking a land-and-expand approach

  • You’re at risk of not meeting quota

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In the second month of my training, I had already improved my close rate, but what is more remarkable is that the deal size I was closing was 3x bigger than what I used to close before my training.

- Sebastian Torres Ortiz

This is why I’m now offering a bespoke Gap Selling program for B2B sellers whose companies are not providing team training.

In this intimate cohort program, you will learn the fundamentals of Gap Selling and receive ongoing, instructor-led coaching (from me!) to help you start winning more deals in less time without discounting.

Here’s what the program entails:

  • Access to the Gap Selling Online Training (a self-paced, online program - about 8-9 hours in length)

  • 12 instructor-led group sessions on Zoom (one 90-minute session per week for 12 weeks)

  • Sessions include customized instruction for each seller’s unique selling environment through role plays, Problem Identification Chart completion, and call coaching (each seller gets coaching for at least 1 of their own recorded discovery calls)

  • The cohort is limited to 10 participants total (of which no more than 3 from the same company) - in order to ensure that all participants get individualized attention (while also learning from each other)

  • Upon successfully completing the program, participants receive a Gap Selling program completion badge for their LinkedIn profile.

Program dates:

  • The first session is Friday, August 2, 2024

  • Sessions take place on Fridays at 8 am PT/11 am ET for 90 minutes

Program investment:

  • $2,997 total, due at the time of registration (installments are available through PayPal)

  • Register by July 16 to receive a bonus 1:1 strategy session with me to focus on your immediate goals or toughest deals.

Not sure if this program is for you? Let's talk.
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  • What do I do?
    I am a Certified Gap Selling Trainer. I train sales teams around the globe. I am also the author of "Heart-Powered Sales: Grow Your Sales Exponentially with Emotional Intelligence and Intuition". By teaching the Gap Selling Methodology along with my understanding of human emotion and behavior, I create a comfortable, collaborative classroom. The entire focus is on building better sellers, not teaching tips and tricks. Drawing from years of teaching and selling, my empathetic approach enables sellers to be vulnerable and break down their walls. The result? True behavior change that translates into measurable performance outcomes.
  • What is Gap Selling?
    The Gap Selling Methodology shifts the focus of the sale from your product to the buyer’s problem. The old-school selling approach of focusing on the features and benefits of your product meant the buyer had all the power when it came to understanding their true needs. With Gap Selling, we teach you how to find the Gap: the space between the buyer's current state and their desired future state. With this information, sellers can build a true business case for why the buyer should make a change. Gap Selling was created by Keenan, who authored the book by the same title and who is founder and CEO of A Sales Growth Company. I am a Certified Partner of A Sales Growth Company.
  • What industries do I work with?
    The industries I work with include SaaS, healthcare, nutraceuticals, and manufacturing.
  • Is the training customized?
    Yes, it's highly customized to your selling environment and Ideal Customer Profile.
  • Is training in-person, or online?
    Training can be delivered virtually on Zoom, or in person.
  • How long is the training?
    The core Gap Selling training takes place over the course of several days. Post-training reinforcement may include group call coaching, deal reviews, or additional role play depending on what we determine is needed.
  • What makes me qualified?
    I am a world-traveled author, trilingual, mother of a Gracie, and a trainer who sells. In the last eight years, I have brought in $5.5 million in sales myself, along with millions more for the teams I train. ​ My Gap Selling certification process entailed four months of full-time study and training, followed by leading a live, 3-day training for 25 participants whose vote determined whether I passed or failed as an instructor.
  • What is the next step?
    It all begins with the Problem Identification Chart (PIC). The PIC helps identify the problems that your company solves for your customers. Beyond surface "pains," a seller who knows the true problems that their customers face is a seller who is trusted in even the worst selling climates.

Remember, the program is limited to 10 participants only, so grab your spot before it fills up! This intimate class size allows each participant to receive personalized attention and coaching while benefiting from being in a group environment and learning from peers.

Not sure if this program is for you? Let's talk. 
Click "Schedule a Meeting" at the top of this page.

Here's what participants from my Gap Selling training programs have said:
Read what past participants of my Gap Selling training have said (anonymously):

Robin was excellent and I really appreciated the safe container she created. I felt a lot of discomfort with the new methodology. Her leadership made me feel safe being vulnerable.

Robin was fantastic and took in consideration our business model and mission, as well as had vast experience in our particular business space.

I'm usually bored several times during even one class of such training, but with Robin, that didn't happen even once. She interacted closely with the participants, and by highlighting our input and weaving it together with the curriculum, it truly brought the teaching to life for me.

[What I most enjoyed was] the way content was instantly relatable to my industry. In many years of sales training, I have never felt like the instructor knew what my role entailed.

Robin was an exceptional instructor. She created a comfortable learning environment even for someone new to sales surrounded by a lot of experienced sellers. She was able to explain complex and difficult ideas in a way that was simple and easy to understand. I enjoyed the interactive and collaborative approach to training because it wasn't just a long lecture that tends to be boring. The training was high energy and felt personal.

The wheels in my brain were constantly turning with every new drip of information Robin presented. The ratio of hands-on activities to lecturing was spot on creating a perfectly paced experience. Robin was so confident and professional throughout the course. My brain has been rewired and I find myself trying to find the gap in numerous interactions now! Killer class, killer instructor, and killer support!

I really enjoyed the way that Gap Selling teaches a more empathic approach to sales and a business solutions based framework. Robin is engaging, positive and fun!

Robin has a truly amazing way of presenting with empathy and preciseness. I immensely enjoyed learning the balance of the heart centred approach to sales, while also learning strategies that identify the GAP a prospect/customer has.

Clients Include:

As a Certified Gap Selling Trainer, I train your team in this approach so they stand out from the competition.

Typical results from GapSelling Training Programs are:

  • Increased closing rates (by 10-30%)

  • Decreased sales cycles

  • Increased average deal size (and no more discounting!)

  • Increased sales growth rates

Working from Home
Let’s connect in a pitch-free conversation about your team.
You’ll walk away with:
  • an analysis of what’s at the root of your sales challenges
  • how to address it–regardless of whether we work together or not​
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