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Hi, I'm Robin Treasure!

I specialize in helping sales teams stand out from the competition.

Over the last 8 years, I’ve generated over $5.5M in B2B sales directly, and millions more indirectly through the sales teams I've trained on 4 continents. 

I’m a trainer who sells and a seller who trains. I’m also a published author.

Today’s selling environment is tough.

According to Gartner, 75% of buyers prefer a rep-free experience.

Buyers don’t want to be pitched, so they speak with sellers as little as possible. Even when they do, buyers can’t see what differentiates one solution from another, so they decide based on price. The result? Sellers offer discounts, sales cycles drag on for months, sellers get ghosted, and eventually, the deal becomes closed/lost. As a B2B seller, I experienced this vicious cycle myself. But everything changed when I discovered the Problem-Centric™ approach known as Gap Selling.

Finally, I had a proven framework to create a business case for why a buyer should buy. Suddenly, my buyers were leaning in, and my close rate jumped to 60%.

Emotions drive behaviors. Business cases drive decisions.

Now, as a Certified Gap Selling Trainer, I train sales teams around the globe to win more deals in less time by:

  1. Becoming buyer-centric and leading with empathy

  2. Demonstrating business acumen

  3. Bringing insight to the buyer and guiding them with informed decision-making

Clients Include:

Get instant, free access to my Problem Identification Chart (PIC)!

The PIC is your business acumen guide.


Join thousands of other sellers who’ve used the PIC to:

  • Create the business case for why your buyer should buy

  • Avoid the dreaded phrase, “Let me think about it

  • Prevent the reasons buyers go dark​!

Problem Identification Chart (PIC)​

Your information will never be shared with anyone.

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