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Hi, I’m Robin!

I specialize in helping sales teams stand out from the competition.

Over the last eight years, I’ve generated over $5.5M in B2B sales directly and millions more indirectly through the sales teams I've trained on four continents. 

I’m a trainer who sells and a seller who trains. I’m also a published author.

About Me...

I love helping sales teams achieve targets they had thought were impossible. I do this with a fresh, energizing approach that produces tangible results in sales outcomes. You see, there’s a covert reason why I’ve chosen to be a sales trainer: contrary to the old, stale stereotypes about salespeople, sales is a profession that requires us to become more human.


One of the greatest skills we can develop as humans is the “soft skill” of empathy.  When we demonstrate empathy by putting ourselves in our buyer’s shoes, we gain the perspective needed to help them solve their problem. But empathy alone is not enough. In B2B sales, sellers must have sharp business acumen – but they have no idea how to get it.

The Gap Selling framework provides the fast-track to developing business acumen in a competitive selling environment. And because the methodology is completely buyer-centric, the entire framework is rooted in empathy.

When I lead team sales training, my stealth superpower is my ability to create a safe learning environment. This enables the team to be vulnerable and participate fully in the learning exercises. Without the willingness to make mistakes, learning will be limited, and the investment in training will be wasted.

By the way, sales isn’t my only passion. I’m a foreign language nerd whose first career was in Italian translation. I’ve lived abroad in Costa Rica, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates. Now, my home is the San Francisco Bay Area, where I enjoy hiking and spending time with friends and my amazing teenage daughter.

Working from Home
Let’s connect in a pitch-free conversation about your team.
You’ll walk away with:
  • an analysis of what’s at the root of your sales challenges
  • how to address it–regardless of whether we work together or not​
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