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Gap Selling For Teams

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Is your sales team:

Wasting time with unqualified opportunities?
Struggling to get new business?
Tolerating a clogged pipeline with deals that never close?
Losing to indecision or the competition?
Struggling to differentiate from the competition?
Seeing accounts stagnate or leave?

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To fix it, the first question to ask is, "Does your team understand your buyer’s problems?"
  • Not what’s great about your product (even if it’s the best product on the market).

  • Not why your price is justified.

  • Not your buyer’s technical problems (which 90% of sellers think are business problems).

  • Not even why your buyer might need your product.

Your buyer’s intrinsic motivation to buy has nothing to do with your product. Instead, your buyer cares about their business problems. You won’t be able to sell your product until you can demonstrate exactly how your product will help solve those problems.

This is why today’s selling environment requires Problem-Centric™ selling.

As a Certified Gap Selling Trainer, I train your team in this approach so they stand out from the competition.

Typical results from GapSelling Training Programs are:

  • Increased closing rates (by 10-30%)

  • Decreased sales cycles

  • Increased average deal size (and no more discounting!)

  • Increased sales growth rates

Clients Include:

Here's what participants from my Gap Selling training programs have said:
Read what past participants of my Gap Selling training have said (anonymously):

Robin was excellent and I really appreciated the safe container she created. I felt a lot of discomfort with the new methodology. Her leadership made me feel safe being vulnerable.

Robin was fantastic and took in consideration our business model and mission, as well as had vast experience in our particular business space.

I'm usually bored several times during even one class of such training, but with Robin, that didn't happen even once. She interacted closely with the participants, and by highlighting our input and weaving it together with the curriculum, it truly brought the teaching to life for me.

[What I most enjoyed was] the way content was instantly relatable to my industry. In many years of sales training, I have never felt like the instructor knew what my role entailed.

Robin was an exceptional instructor. She created a comfortable learning environment even for someone new to sales surrounded by a lot of experienced sellers. She was able to explain complex and difficult ideas in a way that was simple and easy to understand. I enjoyed the interactive and collaborative approach to training because it wasn't just a long lecture that tends to be boring. The training was high energy and felt personal.

The wheels in my brain were constantly turning with every new drip of information Robin presented. The ratio of hands-on activities to lecturing was spot on creating a perfectly paced experience. Robin was so confident and professional throughout the course. My brain has been rewired and I find myself trying to find the gap in numerous interactions now! Killer class, killer instructor, and killer support!

I really enjoyed the way that Gap Selling teaches a more empathic approach to sales and a business solutions based framework. Robin is engaging, positive and fun!

Robin has a truly amazing way of presenting with empathy and preciseness. I immensely enjoyed learning the balance of the heart centred approach to sales, while also learning strategies that identify the GAP a prospect/customer has.

Working from Home
Let’s connect in a pitch-free conversation about your team.
You’ll walk away with:
  • an analysis of what’s at the root of your sales challenges
  • how to address it–regardless of whether we work together or not​
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