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"The Must-Read Sales Book of 2022"

- Niraj Kapur, LinkedIn Top Voice in Sales. Trusted Sales Coach and Linkedin Trainer

Do you dread the end-of-month struggle to reach your sales targets? Are you afraid your prospects will think you’re pushy or “salesy”? Are you ready to achieve your goals with greater ease and joy, and have your customers think of you as a partner in their success rather than just another salesperson?

If you are a rep, business owner, coach, or practitioner seeking to hone your sales techniques in a more customer-centric way, then Heart-Powered Sales is for you.

In this book, author Robin Treasure offers a fresh and empowering perspective on how to achieve more success by cultivating your natural gifts of emotional intelligence and intuition.

Heart-Powered Sales guides you to connect to the power of your heart as the antidote to fear, your source of confidence, and the cornerstone of emotional intelligence.


Robin Treasure’s unique process will help you shift your mindset and create the energy that will have your clients leaning in. The book will also help you implement practical tools and systems so that you will:

  • Reach your sales goals with greater ease and enjoy more prosperity

  • Learn to use your intuition to find new business opportunities

  • Enhance your emotional intelligence for greater customer loyalty

  • Know the most effective questions to ask prospects and clients

  • Transform objections into opportunities

  • Increase your confidence, joy and spiritual connection

So many any other approaches in sales can seem adversarial by using language heavy with persuasion, pitching, targets, and “sell or be sold.” In a profession that hinges on communication and relationships, where is the heart?

Stop wasting time beating yourself up over inefficient tactics while trying to become a person you're not—just to hit a number. Deep connection, fulfillment, and the sales experience you and your prospects truly want are waiting for you inside of Heart-Powered Sales.





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