Heart-Powered Sales

Grow Your Sales Exponentially
with Emotional Intelligence and Intuition


My book Heart-Powered Sales: Grow Your Sales Exponentially with Emotional Intelligence and Intuition will be published later this year.

This book guides women in sales to take a heart-centered approach in order to transcend fear, easily exceed quotas, enjoy unlimited prosperity, and ultimately achieve spiritual growth.

By following the processes detailed in Parts 1 and 2 of this book, along with the practical tools and systems outlined in Parts 3 and 4, the reader will:

  • Reach and exceed her sales goals with greater ease

  • Learn to use her intuition to find new business opportunities

  • Enhance her emotional intelligence in order to deepen her customer relationships

  • Utilize the most effective questions to ask in sales meetings

  • Access best practices employed by top-performing saleswomen

  • Have an actionable system for creating and executing a successful business plan

  • Transform objections into opportunities

  • Form an empowered relationship with money

  • Increase her confidence, joy and spiritual connection

  • Develop a greater awareness of her interconnectedness with a higher consciousness


The titles of the most popular books on sales show a prevalence of words that are not rooted in emotional intelligence, such as persuasion, pitch, sales machine, strategic selling, titans, invincible, sell or be sold, and challenger. In a profession that hinges on communication and relationships, where is the heart?


If you’re looking for a refreshing, empowering perspective on sales, Heart-Powered Sales is for you.


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