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Private Coaching

I offer a limited number of individual coaching programs for sales professionals who are ready to combine sales strategy with intuitive power and emotional intelligence for maximum impact, prosperity, and ease.

Image by Paige Cody

Why work with me...

"Since reading Robin's book and taking her course I have more than doubled my sales revenue! I've also been able to align my work with my values and create lead generation that feels authentic to me and my brand and now my pipeline is filled with clients that are appreciative of what I do." - Savanna R.

You are a fit for my coaching services (individual or group) if...


  • You’re ambitious and looking to grow.

  • You want to close more deals and approach more prospects.

  • You want a more intentional process to implement with confidence.

  • You've become weary of the end-of-month struggle to reach quotas.

  • You feel scattered and unfocused as you try one approach, and then another.

  • Sometimes you simply don't know what to say in an email, cold-call, or meeting.

What I offer as your sales coach...

I will share exactly what I have done to enjoy year-over-year growth rates that far exceed industry standards.


As your Certified Gap Selling coach, I will teach you the buyer-centric methodology that will increase your closing rates by 10-15%. (This is the same methodology I teach to teams.)


Our one-on-one work together will be entirely tailored to your needs, and will include:

  • the development of your Problem Identification Chart

  • discovery meeting role plays

  • coaching on your recorded discovery meetings with prospects

  • deal reviews  


I will help you leverage your individual strengths, support you in the specific areas you need, ask you the tough questions, hold you accountable to your goals, and always be in your corner. 

To find out if we are a fit to work together, schedule your complimentary 1:1 Clarity Call.

“Robin was the absolute best mentor I could have asked for and I feel so blessed to have been able to learn from her.”

– Chira L.

“Robin was my mentor for a year and a half in my sales role, and she always gave me excellent and practical advice, ideas, and inspiration. She is a great leader, and sets a great example of succeeding in business with integrity and heart.”

– Stephanie G.

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