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Sales Trainings for teams

Delivered on-site or virtually

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For sales teams struggling with:

  • Low closing rates

  • Long sales cycles

  • Low average deal size or chronic discounting

  • Declining sales growth rates

Typically, these issues are caused by the lack of an effective sales framework. In this 2-minute video I explain how I address this problem as a Certified Gap Selling Sales Trainer. 

Your team may be challenged with at least one of the following:

  • Losing time with unqualified prospects

  • Spending extra time with familiar accounts rather than focusing on business development

  • Losing qualified prospects to indecision or the competition

  • Struggling to differentiate from the competition

  • Experiencing account attrition or stagnation

To unravel these challenges, the first question to ask is this:


Do you and your team have an in-depth understanding of your buyer’s problems?

  • Not what’s great about your product (even if it’s the best product on the market)

  • Not why your price is justified

  • Not even why your buyer might need your product


Your buyer’s intrinsic motivation to buy has nothing to do with your product.


Instead, your buyer is currently experiencing business problems with far-reaching impacts.


You won’t be able to sell your product until you fully understand the scope of their problems. And you must be able articulate exactly how your product will help solve those problems.

The Gap Selling methodology focuses on Problem-Centric™️ Selling, which is highly regarded as a game-changer for sales professionals.

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Typical results from Gap Selling Training Programs are:

  • Increased closing rates (by 10-30%)

  • Decreased sales cycles

  • Increased average deal size (and no more discounting!)

  • Increased sales growth rates  


Click here to see video testimonials from corporate clients of the Gap Selling Training Program.

Here's what participants from my Gap Selling training programs have said:

Robin was an exceptional instructor
Robin has a truly amazing way of presenting with empathy
From end to end it was amazing
Robin Treasure was an excellent trainer

Want to see if the Gap Selling training program is a fit for your team? Let’s talk! 

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