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It's Lurking in Every Sales Conversation

But no one is talking about it

No, I’m not referring to how badly you want to make the sale.

And I’m not referring to how effective - or ineffective - your sales process is.

So what’s lurking?


Fear is derailing your sales conversations. How?

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It's lurking in every sales conversation

🚫 Whenever you DON’T ask a question because you’re afraid of being intrusive.

😳 Whenever you DON’T recommend a

solution because you don’t want to be THAT salesperson.

😰 Whenever you sense doubt in your prospect, but you’re afraid to dig deeper.

And guess what?

Your PROSPECT’S fear is ALSO derailing your sales conversations.

🙊 Your prospect is afraid of being “sold”- so they withhold important information.

👌 Your prospect is afraid of being vulnerable. “Nope! No problems here!”

🚫 Your prospect is afraid of making the wrong buying decision.

Why all this fear??

Our reptilian brains are wired to protect us from danger. 🦎

Being in sales, you’re constantly exposing yourself to “danger”: the threat of rejection and failure.

But you CAN override that fear.

Here’s how:

1. Thank the fear for trying to protect you. Fear won’t loosen its grip until you acknowledge it.

2. Flex your EQ to make your prospect comfortable. They need to feel you are trustworthy and credible before they open up.

3. Ask yourself, “If I wasn’t afraid of rejection or failure, what questions would I ask my prospect?” Then GO ASK those questions.

Tougher than it sounds here? Heck yes. But repeat the steps above every day, and it’ll get easier.

The result? You’ll have more AUTHENTIC and IMPACTFUL conversations.

Sales is anything but transactional.

Sales is about creating positive change for your buyer.

BUT to create positive change for your buyer, you must create positive change within yourself.

Fear is lurking whether you like it or not. So shine a light on it today 💡


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