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How to find comfort in discomfort.

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People commonly think that if their sales team implements the right sales methodology, their team will perform better. And they’re right – but that’s only half the equation.

The other half of the equation has nothing to do with sales methodology. It has to do with something that plagues every human being under the sun: discomfort.

Ignoring the impact of discomfort on your sales team’s behavior is like ignoring a literal thorn in your shoe. You pretend the thorn isn’t there, hoping that if you just keep walking, the thorn will go away. But it doesn’t. It only digs in deeper.

Just as the thorn begs to be removed, the discomfort in your sales team begs to addressed. Otherwise, your team will revert to the old, familiar behaviors that got them sub-par sales results in the first place.

Why? Because we human beings will do just about anything to avoid discomfort. We’re hard-wired for survival, and discomfort is a mild signal that we are unsafe. So we find crafty and creative ways to avoid discomfort – all for the sake of safety.

Typical vs. Recommended Ways to Address Discomfort - Its possible to find comfort in discomfort.

Sales forces us into more uncomfortable situations than any other profession. We cringe at the thought of rejection. We get shaky when trying a new methodology (like a skier who follows the advice of her instructor and falls on her face long before she gets better). We lie to ourselves and our sales leaders to cover up knowledge gaps. We pretend to understand what people are talking about - because we don't want to look stupid.

This is all normal. We’re human. But we can’t get the outcomes we want if we keep bending over backwards to avoid discomfort.

In the table below, I share:

  • the situations that provoke the most discomfort in sellers

  • which behaviors arise from that discomfort

  • how leadership typically deals with it

  • the problems that persist in sales orgs because of those behaviors

  • what to do instead

Chart of the above information laid out in boxes.

(For a pdf download of this chart, send me a DM)

Don’t underestimate the power of simply shining a light on discomfort. Talk about it. Acknowledge it. Normalize it. If you don’t, the discomfort will still be there - in the shadows, running the show like an invisible operating system.

And beyond just talking about it, I recommend having an actionable plan for your team that includes a powerful discovery framework, coaching recorded calls, reviewing deals in detail, and identifying the objective data that is needed to know why a buyer should buy in the first place. This is the only way to overcome the discomfort that naturally arises in the sales world.

PS If your team isn’t performing at the level you know they’re capable of, let’s talk. Book a pitch-free conversation with me now so we can discuss your team in detail, and identify what’s holding them back.

"How to find comfort in discomfort."



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