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What I learned in Argentina during the World Cup

This could change your whole perspective on sales "struggles"

I had the wildly good fortune to be in Buenos Aires for Argentina’s amazing victory in the World Cup…

When we were in the midst of that nail-biting, raucously crazy final match (in the midst of a packed sports bar) I realized something about the sales profession.

As you know, I’m not a sales bro. And I’m not a chest-thumping sports fan. (So this might be the only time I bring in a sports analogy…)

But what made Argentina’s victory so incredibly euphoric and unforgettable was that it WASN’T an easy match.

At first there was the illusion of ease, when Argentina scored 2 goals and France had none.

But then France and Argentina were tied 2-2 by the end of the second half, so they went into extra time, and again were tied 3-3 at the end.

It was agonizing for both sides, until well into the penalty shoot-out, when Argentina could finally claim victory.

Why does this matter for the sales profession?

I’m NOT saying sales should be a competition.

Stay in your lane. Focus on helping solve your customer’s problems.

But – can you embrace the challenges, and the ups and downs along the way?

Sales is not an easy career choice. You’re up against steep quotas, resistant buyers, and a lingering stigma attached to the profession.

But all of that will make your success that much sweeter!

When you focus on solving your buyer’s problems. When you bring integrity and authenticity to your role. When you look up and realize you exceeded your goals while you focused on the true prize of helping people.

Who wants a cakewalk? The “win” would be bland and forgettable.

You’re here to experience the big wins, the sweet victories, and yes even the temporary pains.

When you embrace it all as part of LIFE and your own evolution - beyond the ups and downs of sales - you're poised for that much more success.



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