About Me

I am an experienced sales trainer, sales coach, sales professional, and author.


I passionately believe that accelerated sales growth is made possible when approached from a perspective of service, personal growth, and human connection.

What I want most for you is to have the success, fulfillment, and self-actualization that you desire.


Within you there is an innate ability to lead with your heart, and to create growth and prosperity for yourself and your company.


As your coach, I will skillfully guide you to access and develop your natural abilities so that you can have a greater impact in empowering your team members and clients.

I love sharing my unique perspective on sales through my training, my coaching services, and my book Heart-Powered Sales.


Having worked in the functional medicine space for nine years as a health coach, top-performing sales rep, mentor, and sales coach, my expertise is in the nutraceutical industry and healthcare industry (though my approach can be applied to any industry).


As a rep, I grew my annual sales by more than tenfold (to a multi-million dollar territory) in the span of five years for an industry-leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements. I was also the recipient of multiple company awards, including top volume sales growth and top dollar sales growth, out of a 70-person sales team.


I am also a multi-lingual world traveler who has lived abroad in several different countries (Italy, UAE, and Costa Rica). After a successful first career in Rome and San Francisco as an Italian translator, I transitioned into sales with the key transferrable skill needed in any capacity, in any language: emotionally intelligent communication.


When I’m not writing a book, coaching sales professionals, or learning a new language, you can find me hiking, taking a barre class, or spending time with my daughter and loved ones.

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