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About Me

I’ve always believed in the power of following your heart while taking bold, courageous action.


For as long as I can remember, this is how I’ve taken remarkable leaps forward in life.


From growing up on a mountaintop in rural New Mexico, to spending a high school semester abroad in Costa Rica, to living in Rome in my 20’s and in Dubai in my late 30’s.


If there was an apparent limitation or obstacle, I was up for the challenge. Because the only true limitations are in our own minds.

The early years
Foreign languages were my first love. As such, I was an Italian translator for the first 15 years of my professional life.


While living in Rome, I translated written screenplays and subtitles for films. Then in San Francisco I provided live translation on stage for visiting Italian filmmakers, actors, and dignitaries as they presented to English-speaking audiences.


The key to translating accurately wasn’t just about conveying the meaning of their statements. It was about leveraging emotional intelligence to understand the true words behind the words.

The Pivot

Communication skills enabled me to pivot into a career in sales in the integrative healthcare space.

I had my own practice as a health coach and then went on to become an outside sales rep for a highly regarded nutraceutical company.


In sales I’ve witnessed the power of moving past fear (of being pushy, of not reaching quotas), and focusing on being of service to my clients. Being of service means not only providing solutions to the client’s problems, but also asking the deeper questions to expand their view of their current situation.


Most people think of personal growth as something you get from a book or a weekend seminar. But the truth is, sales is the best platform for transcending your own limitations, learning to manage your own emotions, and showing up for others with true empathy and understanding.


This approach is what enabled me to grow the annual revenue in my territory from $220,000 to $2.8 million in the span of 5 years and win multiple company awards.


From there I wrote and published my first book, and I became a partner trainer of the Gap Selling Methodology - providing the absolute best, buyer-centric training for sales teams around the globe.

As a trainer and coach, my mission is to create a quadruple win - where you, your company, your buyers, and their customers, all thrive. 

The result: a healthier, more prosperous world.

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