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Why 'no' is better than 'maybe'...

A former sales director of mine told me something that has always stuck with me. “’Yeses are good. Nos are good. But maybes will kill you.” In sales, we love the word “yes”. Yes is the ultimate answer we want, whether we’re getting a next meeting on the calendar, or closing a sale. And we may not like the word “no”, but no is clear and free of ambiguity. If your prospect says no, it means they’ve arrived at a decision. The decision may be disappointing to you, but it allows you to move on rather than hanging in indecision limbo with your prospect. Indecision limbo comes with the word “maybe”.

  • Maybe means your prospect isn’t quite convinced of the value of your offer.

  • Maybe means there are objections that haven’t yet been uncovered.

  • Maybe means you will lose time hoping a decision will be made.

  • Worst of all: maybe means your prospect will pay an opportunity cost of having no solution while they remain undecided.

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Why 'no' is better than 'maybe'

In this world of information overload and shiny objects blazing, clarity is refreshingly valuable – for both you and your prospect. So go for the yeses once you know your product is a fit for your prospect. And don’t be afraid of the nos. Opportunity abounds, as long as you have an abundance mindset. Help guide your prospects to a clear decision, even if the decision is no. Clarity will serve you both.



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