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What is Heart-Powered Sales?
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Would you like to help your team excel at consultative sales so your revenue grows along with customer satisfaction?


"I hired Robin to host a Heart-Centered Selling workshop at the 2021 WomanUP!®️ Conference. Our attendees soaked in her fresh approach - and are still sharing how they connect to being in sales more easily, are experiencing greater financial success, and see CLEARLY how their work creates a positive impact on people’s lives!"

- Debra Trappen, WomanUP!®, an initiative of the California Association of REALTORS®

My talks and trainings will help your sales team to:

  • Increase their confidence and overcome fear

  • Reach and exceed their targets

  • Learn to access their intuition to find more business opportunities

  • Deepen their relationships with customers and find more referrals

  • Develop clarity and consistency in their processes


During interactive workshops, we will identify the unique strengths of your team while helping them to cultivate emotional intelligence as the cornerstone of the consultative sales process.


To learn more about my speaking services and workshops, please send an email to

“Robin is one of the best, most authentic salespeople I have worked with in my 35 years in sales.” – Linda B.

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