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Corporate Coaching Program
for Sales Teams in the
Functional Medicine Industry

Workshops (delivered on-site or virtually) plus one-on-one coaching,

Why offer coaching to your sales team?


Companies that provide formal coaching to their sales teams see their annual revenue grow 16.7 percent more than those that don't offer coaching. (1)

A formal sales coaching framework can increase win rates by 28%. (2)

Coaching increases salesforce retention, which is important when annual turnover among U.S. salespeople is as high as 27% (twice as much as the overall labor force). (3)

Losing a sales rep costs an average of $115,000. (4)

About 80% of sales professionals believe that sales is a “state of mind” (mindset is everything)! (5)

"I hired Robin to host a Heart-Centered Selling workshop at the 2021 WomanUP!®️ Conference. Our attendees soaked in her fresh approach - and are still sharing how they connect to being in sales more easily, are experiencing greater financial success, and see CLEARLY how their work creates a positive impact on people’s lives!"

- Debra Trappen, WomanUP!®

Why choose this program?


Fully customized to suit the unique needs of your team.

I've walked many miles in your team's shoes: for five years I sold an industry-leading line of nutritional supplements to healthcare practitioners, helping them achieve excellent clinical results while adding significantly to their bottom line.

This program is based on the same methods I used to grow my annual territory revenue from $220,000 to $2.8M.

Depending on your needs, this program covers all phases of the sales cycle within the Functional Medicine industry.


Anchored in my heart-powered approach with an emphasis on building authentic customer relationships, these interactive workshops cover:

  • prospecting

  • cold-calling

  • lead nurturing

  • closing new sales

  • growing existing accounts

  • asking for referrals

One-on-one coaching provides accountability, mindset support, and supplemental training based on individual needs.

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